Raku glazes from Lyn's Raku

These are the glaze recipes from Lyn's Raku on May 27.

Multiply x4 to get a reasonable jar full.


TURQUOISE LUSTRE (Beautiful copper in heavy reduction) lovely turquoise with copper in light reduction.

Frit 4110= 100

Copper carb =3

Bentonite = 2

Tin Ox = 3



Neph Syenite = 5

Tin Ox = 0.3

Copper carb= 2.5

Cobalt carb- 1.25


COPPER SEMI MATT (Hutchins) (Craters and metallic silvery and coppery when thick and matt) Good contrast against Turquoise lustre or against shiny glazes.

Neph Syenite = 20

Bone Ash = 20

Cobalt Carb = 3

Copper carb = 7

Gerstley Borate 80


COPPER LUSTRE (Nice copper semi matt)
- needs heavy reduction in dark sawdust

Frit 4110= 74

Neph seyenite = 11

Ball Clay = 5

Kaolin= 3

Tin Oxide = 2

Copper oxide = 10

Ferguson’s White Crackle

Gerstley Borate = 65

Nepheline Syenite = 20

EPK Kaolin = 5

Silica = 10

Total = 100%

For excellent crackle results, fire your pot, take out of the kiln and allow to rest for about one minute.  When glaze 'pings' put the pot into the reduction container, cover with paper, allow to flame, then close the cover.  Leave for about two minutes, lift the lid and allow the paper to re-ignite.  Close the cover again and leave to reduce and cool normally. Coastal ClayMakers

Glaze Recipes

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