WSC Workshops

Decorating workshop 2017 pt 1

On 10 May Anthony organised a decorating workshop with volunteers from the club demonstrating their favourite techniques. Each presentation was limited to 10 minutes - moderated by Anthony - with questions to follow.

A very successful day - stay tuned for the second part to give others the opportunity to participate.

17 May 2016 - Extruder Workshop!

A hands-on workshop on our Bailey extruder.

We have had the extruder for sometime - donated - but haven't spent a lot of time using it.

We discovered that there are some smaller dies for hollow and solid extrusions that don't use a lot of clay. (the larger dies take nearly a full block and the results are too big!).

The instructions can be downloaded here.

27 February 2013 - Oriental Style Brushwork Workshop!

A great hands-on brushwork workshop with our member Derek Johnston.

August 22 2012 the Fowlest of the Fowl workshop!

Gai and her fowl; samples of Gai's excellent work; Jenny's fancy chook; Angie and Anniko and their work; Daphne and Liz and not forgetting our fowl lunch - thanks Gai and Cam.



Handles workshop with Anthony

12 October 2011

We were again privileged to have Anthony present one of his amazing workshops.

Not just simple (?) pulled handles (2) but extruded and the unexpected thrown handles (3 + 4) as well.

Anthony demonstrated that there are a huge range of handles on all sorts of pots (1).


PDF handout



2011 Slip with Julie

On June 15 member Julie Stuart presented a comprehensive workshop on CLAY SLIP - simple clay casting to preparing slips, colouring etc.

One of the simplest ways to colour clayware is to apply a coating of clay SLIP of a contrasting colour.

A slip, being liquid clay may be applied by dipping, pouring, brushing or tailing, or if thin enough by spraying.

April 2011 Glaze Workshop

Anthony, with the invaluable assistance of Frank, presented an in-depth workshop on glazes - what and how to make them.